The Grading and Attendance Tracking program (GAT) is designed for rapid data entry of student grades and attendance.  Attendance is entered on an exception basis only (only if absent) and grades are entered using the numeric keypad.  The NMU version loads the database from downloaded class rosters to eliminate having to type students.  This program is being distributed free to any faculty member that would like to use it and an installation CD-ROM is available upon request.

    Please note that this web user's manual is still under development.  Since the program is easy to use, however, anyone that has experience with other windows software should be able to use the program by following these instructions.

    The main menu below has hot buttons.  For example, to see the Classes screen, click the Classes button.  Each of the buttons (except exit) take you to the portion of the manual where the selected screen is shown.

Main Menu

General Operation

    The main menu is shown above.  When being used at NMU, the first step is to use the  NMU button to download the class rosters for the classes to be tracked with the program.  After the classes and students are loaded, the program is ready to use.  To learn about any of the listed features, click the appropriate link below.