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Language syntax higlighting is a courtesy of the Northern Michigan University Computer Science Department

For more information click here.


  • Select language from the drop down list
  • If text contains tabs, select the size of the tab from the list
  • Paste text into the input box above
  • Click the Highlight button. Highlighted source will appear in this window.

Changing Colors

To change colors, click the Settings button. You will be presented with a table where you can configure the color, boldness, and style of type (italics or not) for each type of syntax. When you save those changes, a cookie is placed on your computer so that the next time you visit the site, your new colors will be used. You can see the effect of your changes as you save them.

Microsoft Word Export

Once you have pasted your source and selected the language and tab size, you can have the higlighted source exported to a word document by clicking the Word Export button. You will be given the option to save the highlighted source.