Time Management

Priorities?          Goals?          Carreer?          Family?          Time Management?          Values?

     If you have arrived at this site, you have started thinking about what is important in life and where you are headed. Life, in case you have not already discovered it, is tough and success has become an elusive dream. Worse yet, we daily hear how the fabulously wealthy are unhappy and dissatisfied with life. So, what is important in life you ask?  To answer these questions, you need to be willing to ask yourself tough questions.
     This site contains a few aids to help you ask the right questions and make the right decisions. With effort, you can arrive at the end of your life and say that you “had your ladder of success leaning against the right wall.”
This means that you will be able to look back over your life and say that you did what you should have done and there are few things that you would change.      This is not an easy process. Life is tough and as in the athletic arena, success takes hard work. It means toughning your mental and “attitude” muscles. Thus your attitude becomes your most prized posession. The resources listed below will help you achieve the right attitude and manage your time.

Good luck!

Ken Culp (227-1841)



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