Writing a Personal Mission Statement

     Writing a personal mission statement is a four-step process. First, you need to list your personal values. A good exercise for this is found in Steven Covey's book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.  This book also has a lot of good information on writing your mission statement and on managing time.
     On the PowerPoint Presentation Handout, there is a place where you can list your values. List at least three or four.  On the same worksheet list each of your roles in life; such things as student, son or daughter, employee, roommate, etc. Next, list the long-term goals for each role (20+ years out if appropriate) for each role.
     The final step is to take this input and write a personal mission statement. As an example, consider my mission statement shown below.


My Personal Mission Statement

I will endeavor to be the best husband that I can, cherishing my wife and always being a good listener, enjoying her presence. I will encourage her and help her achieve her goals and aspirations. To my children and step-children I will seek to always set a good example, provide leadership, and to always be a friend. As a church member, I will support its programs, leaders, and members with enthusiasm and a cheerful heart. As a teacher, I will be a mentor and leader of my students, caring for them as individuals, and helping them to succeed in my classes and in life, and to become the best person they possibly can be. As a Christian, my number one mission is to “finish the race and keep the faith.” Finally, I will seek in every way possible to show grace and encouragement to all that I meet regardless of the circumstances or their actions towards me.

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