The habit of procrastination takes a two-fold toll on its victims. First, important work goes unfinished; second (and more importantly), valuable energy is wasted in the process of putting off the things that remain undone. Procrastination results from an individual’s short-sighted attempt to postpone temporary discomfort. It is the "Fixed Mindset" response! Procrastination creates a senseless cycle of

Procrastination is, at its core, a struggle against oneself and the only antidote is action. The "Growth Mindset" response is to do now what needs to be done when it needs to be done! This avoids untold trouble, worry, and stress which lower our mental function and abilities. So learn to defeat procrastination by paying less attention to your fears and more attention to your responsibilities. The world punishes procrastinators and rewards those who “do it now.” Life does not procrastinate, neither should you.

"Not now becomes never." (Martin Luthur)